Fidelity Baptist Church

Serving God for 125 Years

Fidelity Baptist Church: Where Families Come Together

8402 Wade Park Avenue    Cleveland, Ohio 44103    216 231-0184

The Beloved Church

We believe that following God's two great commandments are the secret to healthy families and a healthy community. We are called upon to Love God with all of our heart, with all of our soul, and with all of our strength. We are also called upon to Love our nieghbor as we love ourselves. When we learn to love God completely, and to love ourselves unconditionally, then it becomes easy for us to Love our nighbors compassionately. When we love this way we will fullfill all of God's commandments and bear much fruit.

Building Strong Loving Relationships

Through the use of several small groups, there are many ways for you to connect and build lasting relationships for women, men, youth and children. You may join one of our fellowship groups such as "Women of Fidelity", "Sister to Sister", "Shoulder to Shoulder (for Men)",  "Children's Church", "Youth Ministry", or the "Girl Scouts". Small groups allow for personal interaction and a place to grow spiritually. You may also enjoy the small group study time provided in our 10:00 AM Sunday Classes.

Providing Service

There are many ways for you to serve at Fidelity Baptist Church. Our diaconate, ushers, hospitality, nurses, evangelism, prayer ministry, choir and band are some of the areas where you can use your gifts to serve. In all that you do, do it unto the Glory of God!

The Cleveland Baptist Association

Fidelity Baptist Church is a member of the Cleveland Baptist Association (CBA). We are one of 35 American Baptist Churches located in the greater Cleveland area. The CBA is now 177 years old. It has been affiliated with American Baptist Churches, USA for 100 years, and continues to seek ways to serve the greater Cleveland area with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The American Baptist Church family includes the Office of the General Secretary, National Ministries, International Miistries, the Ministers Council, The Missionary and Ministers Board (MMBB), and many associations and relationships. See the following links for detailed information.

Link to the Cleveland Baptist Association

Link to American Baptist Churches, USA

Link to American Home Missions

Link to the Ministers Council

The Wade Park Cluster of Churches

Fidelity Baptist Church is a member of the Wade Park Cluster of Churches, an ecumenical organization that was established to do the work of community that cannot be done by one church alone. The goal of the cluster is to make our neighborhood a brotherhood, working and worshipping together. The following churches are active members in the Wade Park Cluster of Churches:

Community A.M.E

Faith Temple COG

Fidelity Baptist, ABCUSA

Glenville Church of God Holiness, USA

Greater Avery AME

Kingdom Life Ministries

Messiah Ministries, COGIC

New Directions COGIC

St. Matthew United Methodist